Greek Menu 1

Variety Plate 1

Rolled eggplant with feta cheese and basil,

Leek pie,

Stuffed cabbage leave with beef minced meat and rice,

Spicy cheese cream,


Traditional Greek Salad

Roasted Pork
in Green Olive’s sauce
with potato croquettes
and buttered baby carrots and cabbage

Small pieces of “Baclava and kadaifi”

Greek Menu 2

Variety Plate 2

Crepe with chicken and cheese,

Zucchini pie,

Fresh mushrooms “yiahni”,



Lettuce salad with fresh onions and dill

Pork Fillet ‘Escalope’
in sauce of spices and rum
French fries
Buttered vegetables

Panacotta with strawberry syrup

Greek Menu 3

Variety Plate 3

Fillo pastry rolled with ham and cheese,

Zucchini au gratin,

Eggplant “Imam”,



Tomato and cucumber salad with capers and green peppers

Leg of lamb baked in the oven
in sage and ‘tsipouro’ sauce
Roasted potato slices
Pilaff rice with walnuts

Galaktoboureko (puff pastry filled with vanilla cream)

Greek Menu 4

Variety Plate 4

Stuffed vine leave with beef minced meat and rice,

Cheese pie,


Eggplant salad,


Beetroot salad with olive oil and vinegar

Leg of Lamb stuffed with yellow cheese, feta cheese, garlic and parsley
Sauce with aromatic herbs and ‘Metaxa’
Potatoes baked in the oven

Walnut pie

Greek Menu 5

Variety Plate 5

Stuffed pepper with cheese – ham – bacon,


Fillo pastry rolled with spinach,

Spicy cheese cream,


Rocket salad with pine – cone, currants and honey vinaigrette

Veal casserole ‘Noua’
in wild mushrooms’ sauce and green apples
French fries, assorted vegetables

Cream caramel

Greek Menu 6

Variety Plate 6

Pie with herbs and greens,

Zucchini ball,

Fried cheese,



Mixed salad in cocktail dressing

“Moscharaki giouvetsi” (Braised veal with Greek noodles, baked in the oven)

Various flavours of ice – cream

Greek Menu 7

Variety Plate 7

Stuffed vine leave with rice,

Tomato cherry with tuna fish,

Home made pickles,



Salad “Politiki”

Fish Fillet Dorado
in sauce with Greek red Saffron
Vegetables ‘Julienne’

Fruit of the season or fruit jelly

Greek Menu 8

Variety Plate 8

Trout fish – smoked twice,

Octopus in vinegar sauce,

Anchovies baked in the oven,



Broccoli salad with virgin olive oil and lemon juice

Grilled Swordfish Fillet
Marinated with virgin olive oil and lemon juice
Steamed potatoes
Fresh vegetables

Fruit salad

Greek Menu 9

Variety Plate 9

Eggplant au gratin with mince meat,

Tomato ball,

Onion pie,



Greens from the mountain

Roasted rolled Turkey
Sauce with pine – cone and blonde currants
Risotto with fresh vegetables

Orange pie

Greek Menu 10

Variety Plate 10

Fresh green beans with tomato,

Stuffed zucchini flower with cheese and beer,

Eggplant salad,


Carrot salad with mayonnaise dressing and mashed pickles

Crispy roasted duck
In a sauce with Greek Liqueur ‘Kum Quat’ and cinnamon
Potatoes ‘Fontan’
Assorted fresh vegetables

Fruit of the season

Greek Menu 11

Variety Plate 11

Artichoke a la “Polita”,

Peas cooked in casserole,

Spicy cheese cream,


Fresh spinach salad with dried tomatoes and cottage cheese

Rooster cooked in casserole
with tomato, wine sauce, Various spices
and traditional Greek noodles from ‘Arachova’


Greek Menu 12

Variety Plate 12

Lamb entrails rolled with liver – spleen – heart,

“Formaela” cheese on the grill,

Spinach and cheese pie,



Traditional Greek salad

Mixed Grill
(Lamb chop – chicken fillet – beef ground meat steak – pork fillet medallion)

“Ekmek Kadaifi”
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